Is your blog failing? It could be because of this…

Very cool tips, John.

Social Marketing Solutions

In blogging, there are many factors we cannot control. Try as we may to manipulate the “viral gods,” they keep us guessing and remind us often of their illusiveness. However, like anything else there are defined strategies and best practices that can greatly improve the effectiveness of a blog. Additionally, there are behaviors and activities that you will want to avoid. If you are making any of the subsequent blunders, you could be self-sabotaging your blog.

Let’s take a look at some common reasons blogs die out before reaching their target audience:

Failure to grow your social networks substantial enough to get enough organic traffic. For your post to have any chance of reaching a broad audience, there must first be organic traffic from your immediate network.

Low engagement with commenters can be costly and something I see every day as I read blogs. When you are lucky enough to…

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